Twitter gets tough with it's API

Twitter is starting to get tougher and stricter on how developers use it's API. In a blog post today Michael Sippey outlined the companies plans. They basically want developers to stop making clients that 'mimic' the Twitter experience, whether this be on the web or via one of the mobile apps, and focus their attention on integration. It's completely understandable that Twitter want to go this way. Having users use or one of their apps is the only way they can ensure they continue to receive advertising revenue.

It's apparent that Twitter are eager to get as few people using third party client, such as Hootsuite, as possible. After all they receive no money when somebody uses these clients. Even their own client, Tweetdeck, has gone backwards in terms of user experience, seemingly they don't want people using this either.

Are you a developer? What do you think about Twitters plans for its API? Comment below.