Selfie Nation

We (the British public) took an estimated 1.2 billion selfies over the last year - that's according to Ofcom's latest Communications Market Report. The 2015 report gives some interesting data on the UK's use of Smartphones, TV, Radio and other forms of communication. The following charts give some highlights of the report (all sourced from the report).

The Demise of the Desktop

Demise of the DesktopTV is for the Grandparents...

TV is for the Grandparents

...So is Samsung

Samsung is for Grandparents

And YouTube is for the Kids

YouTube is for the KidsYouTube is for the Kids YouTube is for the Kids

Netflix Rules

Netflix Rules

We're obsessed with Email

We're obsessed with EmailWho doesn't use Social Media?

Who Doesn't use social media

That's just some of the interesting charts and data from the report. I highly recommend giving the full report a read or a skim through at least.