Top 3 Reads This Week

Here's my top 3 tech stories and blogs to read this week: 1. The Problem With Founders -TechCrunch

This really well written piece by Danny Crichton discusses startup founders in Silicon Valley. I don't want to give much away but it's really worth a read, hence why it's in this week's top 3.

2. Tech Tent: Girl Power and Solar Power - BBC

This is a listen rather than a read. In this BBC podcast presenter Jane Wakefield discusses, among other things, how and why woman in the Middle East are getting in to tech more than those in the West.

3. Edward Snowden Plans to Work on Privacy Tech - Re/code

This story on by Arik Hessaldahl is all about a recent interview/talk from Edward Snowden where he talks, of course, about security and privacy in the tech world. He also hints that he may do some of this work himself. At the bottom of the article is the full Snowden video - it's 90 minutes long but well worth a watch.