Everyday, unless there’s nothing particularly interesting happening in tech news, I send out one tech article and my brief thoughts - something I think is worth your time and that you'll find interesting. It's super easy to set up, and you’ll see an archive of some briefings below:

1. Click the Sign-Up button below on your mobile (or your computer if you use the WhatsApp Desktop App) and send the pre-populated 'START' message.

2. Add the number to your Contacts as 'James Saye Tech Briefing'


1. Add +44 7943 229 719 to your contacts

2. Send the message 'START' on WhatsApp to that number.





Will others be able to see my details? No. I use a WhatsApp Broadcast List to send this daily briefing. This means that nobody can see anybody else in the list.

Will I get spammed? No. I will only ever send a single article and my brief thoughts on it per day, absolutely nothing else. Nobody else in the group is able to send messages to the group. Any replies in the Broadcast List only go to me.

Can I unsubscribe? Of course. Just reply 'STOP' and I'll remove your number.

What will you do with my number? Your number will only be used to administer this Broadcast List. To do this your number is saved on a phone that's used only for this Broadcast List. Only I have access to this phone. Only your number is saved and not your name or any other details. Your number will never be shared with others or used for anything other than this Broadcast List.